What Makes Schuyler Citrus Special?

Great fruit is a combination of many factors; choosing the proper fruit and variety for the climate and soil,  water throughout the growing season, the and the care and handling of the grower and packer.  California's other Gold Rush initiated in 1873 the state's connection with fresh oranges, and many of the earliest groves were planted in Lemon Cove, where the trees thrived in the unique climate and soils. Harrison Ranch continues the rich Lemon Cove  citrus growing tradition.

Just as the finest wines come from grapes grown in special micro-climates, the Lemon Cove the area is especially suited to growing the finest fresh Navel Oranges in the world.  While Lemon Cove provides the ideal location, Harrison Ranch citrus is blessed with optimal qualities for the finest fresh fruit.  The Ranches'  Old-line Washington Navel Orange Trees were first planted over 60 years ago and still produce the finest seedless fruit.  The south facing slopes and warm frost-free growing climate mean fruit matures early and is extra sweet.  Rain and snow melt from the Sequoia Sierras fills the Kaweah River and provides plentiful water to irrigate the groves and assure juicy fruit. 
 Ask anyone who has tasted fresh Schuyler Oranges, and they'll agree . . . Schuylers are the best oranges they have ever tasted.

2008/2009 Crop Notes from Jed:

Every year is unique, depending upon the weather, and determines harvest date,  the size of the crop,  average fruit size, and many other variables. 
November 2008

Dear Orange Lovers-

This year's crop is almost ready to harvest.  Estimating this year's crop by looking at the fruit on the trees, the total harvest will be smaller than usual, but fruit size will be larger on average. As always, the fruit is "Lemon Cove" sweet, and very juicy. 

Following last year's heavy crop, we decided to "top" the orchard heavily.  Cutting back the trees will stimulate growth, and will lead to better fruit size.  I also cleared five acres which will be replanted in the spring with lemons.  I look forward to offering Lemon Cove Lemons to customers in future years.

We'll start harvesting this yearís Schuylers the first week of December, and fist shipment will go out on the 15th. You'll again be able to experience "the best oranges you can buy" over the Christmas holiday season.  The commercial Sunkist harvest will also begin soon, timed to coincide with orders from overseas markets.  I'll try to update again once harvest is underway.

We're pleased to start a new tradition this year, As you can see by viewing the Schuyler Citrus website, I'm a connoisseur of original Orange Crate Label Art, and I have a growing collection of original labels. This year, I've created the "Viro Home" label which will be included with all orders. The label is done in the size and style of the vintage labels that have become so collectible. The Viro Home name and illustration are inspired by my family home in the 1950's on Viro road in La Canada California.

I hope that you are able to enjoy some of this yearís fruit - Iím sure that you wont be disappointed!










Harrison Ranch is affiliated with Sierra Citrus Association - Member of Sunkist Growers