Proudly Grown in the    Navel Orange Republic 

The Finest Oranges . . .

from the Perfect Growing Climate

The groves of Harrison Ranch are especially suited for growing juicy, flavorful Oranges. Spread across the sloping Sierra foothills in Lemon Cove, the warm southwest exposure and protected hillside location produce some of the finest California Navel Oranges year after year. Harvest at Harrison Ranch begins in early November, with most Oranges packed and shipped as Sunkist fruit . . . . the very best you can buy.

Our Schuyler Citrus fruit is even more special. Schuyler Oranges are left on the trees a few weeks longer, and are picked, washed, and packed more gently. Schuyler Oranges are only available for a short time, during the holiday season.


Harrison Ranch is affiliated with Sierra Citrus Association - Member of Sunkist Growers